Mining for
Local production

Anthropocene is an estimated geological time period where humans are a geological force and occurring minerals will be a part of occurring stratum and the natural cycle of rocks. Something that would never happen naturally.

In this project I was working with two companies, emphasizing on their system cycles and how they affect linked cycles. On the one hand a stonemasonry that manifactures stone commodities from stone quarried from around the world. On the other hand a fishing net manufacturer, that imports materials and makes grand fishing nets by hands.

A rock is a natural occurring solid mineral material forming part of the surface, exposed, underlying the soil or oceans. Minrals are occurring, eroded by machines in the cycles of production. Aggregated stone minerals, that are from around the world, gutter out of a production cycle ending up in landfills. Plastic minerals are occuring both in seas where fishing nets are left in the bottom of the sea and as waste materials in production.

Mined minerals, that are shunt from their production cycles into natural cycles, are transformed with heat to idealize the materials of future cycles.

Led by
Þórunn Árnadóttir
Garðar Eyjólfsson
spring 2016

“Il Capo” (The Chief) by Yuri Ancara