Theobromery Food Systems

Most chocolate is commercially produced and engineered to be craved for by adding sugar and fat to the exquisite raw material. In mass production of chocolate, the origin of the cacao itself is lost and only already processed ingredients are being used. Cacao trees [theobroma cacao] are grown in different parts of the world, in varying environments, by farmers who use diverse methodologies processing the cacao seeds to cacao beans. All these variations affect the flavor notes of the cacao beans, which could for example be a hint of citrus, a smoky flavor or notes of red fruits.

Theobromery is a suggestion for consumers to make their own chocolate with therefore specially designed tools. Enabling them to choose between the remedy and the poison, carefully choose individual cacao beans, prepare and enjoy a very special bite of savory chocolate and let them appreciate the whole story of it.

Led by
Thomas Pausz
Garðar Eyjólfsson
fall 2015